Also commonly known as ‘exposed concrete’, our concrete suppliers offer a broad range of exposed and coloured exposed aggregate concrete products. These products add visual texture and colour to your concrete project.

Exposed aggregate concrete is hard wearing and offers a premium finish to most residential and commercial properties. These include all outdoor living areas – patios, paths, concrete driveways, pool surrounds, traffic islands and roadways. 

Exposed aggregate concrete blends in with your landscaping, whether you are looking for a contemporary, traditional or unique finish. Exposed aggregate concrete is an ideal choice for all outdoor living areas because it is both skid resistant and an ideal finish for heavy traffic areas.

Why not give us a call today to see how we can help bring your next project to life with exposed aggregate concrete, whether commercial or residential, exposed aggregate concrete is a solution that you will love.

Exposed Aggregate Path
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Driveway
Coloured Exposed Concrete with paver border

What is Exposed Aggregate concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a concrete finish where the aggregate (stones and sands) near the surface are visible. Exposed aggregate concrete differs from plain concrete, where a thin layer of cement covers and conceals the surface. 

The processes used to create exposed concrete gives a highly effective product, highlighting the natural colours of stone. Depending on the technique used to create exposed aggregate concrete surfaces, each can give a different appearance. 

The team at CobblePrint Concrete can assist you in finding the right solution for your next project. 


Where can Exposed Aggregate concrete be used?

Exposed concrete is a very popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. It is well known for its hardwearing and skid-free surface, which is ideal for driveways and areas that require more grip.

  • Exposed Concrete Driveways
    Stylish, hardwearing and tough surface, exposed concrete driveways are a modern, long lasting solution.

  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
    Offering a textured surface with slip resistance, exposed aggregate paths and pool surrounds makes for a professional, yet homely feel

  • Landscaping and Pathways
    perfect for high traffic areas, exposed aggregate paths make the perfect addition to your landscaping and yard.

  • Outdoor Entertainment Areas and Patios
    Entertain with ease and pride with your exposed concrete patio area.

Available Exposed Aggregate Colours and Styles

Cobbleprint Concrete offers a wide range of Exposed Aggregate concrete colour and style options. 

With such a wide variety of Exposed Aggregate colours and styles to choose from, you are sure to find a style to suit your taste and match in with existing property colours and the surrounding environment.

Cobbleprint Concrete Brisbane will bring exceptional quality and outstanding service to your home or workplace.